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"Insight into the Chemistry Skills Gap: The Duality between Expected and Desired Skills." Kondo, A. E.; Fair, J. D. Journal of Chemical Education201794, 304-310. 

"Six Ways Research Can Fire Up Your Chapter.” Fair, J. D.; Kondo, A. inChemistry, September/October 201625, 24-35.

"Regioselective Lithium-Iodine Exchange-Initiated Cleavage of 2-Iodomethyl-1,3-dioxanes: A Complex-Induced Proximity Effect.” Bailey, W. F.; Fair, J. D. Journal of Organic Chemistry201681, 3951-3955.

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“Build your marketability, and other key ways you benefit from group work.” Fair, J. D.; Kondo, A. inChemistry, April/May 201523, 12-13.

“A Survey of Industrial Organic Chemists: Understanding the Chemical Industry's Need of Current Bachelor-Level Graduates.” Fair, J. D.; Kleist, E. M.; Stoy, D. M. Journal of Chemical Education 201491, 2084-2092.   

“Intramolecular Carbolithiation Cascades as a Route to a Highly Strained Carbocyclic Framework: Competition between 5-exo-trig Ring Closure and Proton Transfer.” Bailey, W. F.; Fair, J. D. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 20139, 537-543.

“Oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols by 4-acetylamino-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxoammonium tetrafluoroborate in aqueous media.” Mamros, A. N.; Sharrow, P. R.; Weller, W. E.; Luderer, M. R.; Fair, J. D.; Pazehoski, K. O.; Luderer, M. R. ARKIVOC 2011, 5, 23-33.

“Quantitation by Portable Gas Chromatography: Mass Spectrometry of VOCs Associated with Vapor Intrusion.” Fair J. D.; Bailey W. F.; Felty R. A.; Gifford A. E.; Shultes B.; Volles L. H. International Journal of Analytical Chemistry 2010, 2010.

“Asymmetric Synthesis of Seven-Membered Carbocyclic Rings via a Sequential Oxyanionic 5-Exo-Dig Cyclization/Claisen Rearrangement Process. Total Synthesis of (–)-Frondosin B.” Ovaska, T. V.; Sullivan, J. A.; Ovaska, S. I.; Winegrad, J. B.; Fair, J. D. Organic Letters 2009, 11, 2715.

“Method for rapid on-site identification of VOCs.”  Fair, J. D.; Bailey, W. F.; Felty, R. A.; Gifford, A. E.; Shultes, B.; Volles, L. H. Journal of Environmental Sciences 2009, 21, 7, 1005-1008.

“Disparate Behavior of Carbonyl and Thiocarbonyl Compounds: Acyl Chlorides vs Thiocarbonyl Chlorides and Isocyanates vs Isothiocyanates.” Wiberg, W. B.; Miller, S. J.; Puchlopek, A. L.; Bailey, W. F.; Fair, J. D. Journal of Organnic Chemistry 2009, 74, 3659.

“Asymmetric Addition of Achiral Organomagnesium Reagents or Organolithiums to Achiral Aldehydes or Ketones: A Review.” Luderer, M. R.; Bailey, W. F.; Luderer, M. R.; Fair, J. D.; Dancer, R. J.; Sommer, M. B. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2009, 20, 981.

“Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee Experiences.” Fair, J. D.; Bartelson, A.; Bajrami, B.; Cardillo, C. M.; Dean, M. L.; Krishana, S.; Sardesai, N.; Miller, T. A. Journal of Chemical Education 2008, 85, 1609.

“Flash Column Chromatograms Estimated from Thin-Layer Chromatography Data.” Fair, J. D; Kormos, C. M. Journal of Chromatography A , 2008, 1211, 49.
















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